Please order your tickets for the Ball of Legal Professionals 2024 here.
Please visit our website for additional information about the event:
For questions regarding your ticket order
please contact the ticketing office:
(Association of Legal Professionals)
Weihburggasse 4/9, 1010 Vienna, Austria 
Telephone: +43-1-5122600
Office Hours:
Monday to Friday: 9 am to 1 pm
To make a reservation for a 'Hochloge' in the Main Ballroom (Festsaal),
please contact us via this form or E-Mail.

Orders are non-refundable.

Entrance Ticket(s)

The price for the admission ticket also includes the cloakroom fee (max. 3 pieces).
In principle, you need an admission ticket to enter the event.

Seat tickets and/or Pre Ball Dinner tickets are
optional and can be added in the next step.

Each type of ticket can be purchased independently.
Tickets cannot be returned and are not refundable.

If the personalization of tickets becomes required by law or the government, we will e-mail the purchaser before the event with detailed information about the necessary procedures. Please note that in this case, only personalized tickets will be valid at check-in. The personalization can be updated at any time until the ticket is redeemed at the event. A legally or officially ordered personalization of the tickets does not constitute a reason to cancel the purchase.


Seating Tickets

Please choose your individual seats here on detailed seating charts for each Ballroom.
To make a reservation for a box (Hochloge) in the Main Ballroom (Festsaal), please contact us via this this form or E-Mail.

Please select a minimum of two seats (in increments of 2 only).

Choose your seats

Pre Ball Dinner from 7 pm

Make your ball event special with our exclusive Pre Ball Dinner.
 Start your ball evening with delicacies in the historic apartments of the HOFBURG VIENNA.

Please visit our website to learn more about the four-course dinner.

After booking, we ask you to indicate your choice of the main course (1st meat, 2nd fish, or 3rd vegetarian) via E-Mail by Friday, 2nd February 2024; if no selection is made, the 1st main course (meat) will automatically be considered selected.
Doors open at 6:30 pm at the Botschafterstiege, from where you will be guided to the special historic apartments where the Pre Ball Dinner will be served from 7:00 pm on.
Please note that a regular Entrance Ticket is required in addition to Pre Ball Dinner Ticket.
Booking is available upon availability until the 2nd of February 2024.
Seating arrangements will be handled by the host.



This Seat Ticket is only valid in combination with an Entrance Ticket.

Please choose from the following options: